Permission (Genehmigungen) für das verwenden der Grafiken von Dark Natasha ..

You have my permission to use my art for your tags and such as long as you agree to the terms below.
Please use the images from my site and not from prints that have been scanned. Also be sure not to use any of the ones that are copyrighted characters.
I appreciate you asking first and the link back to my work would be great. If you have any other questions please feel free to email me.

Best wishes

You may use my art on your website, on your computer, for your personal icon, or personal enjoyment, as long as you meet these conditions:
By no means claim the art as your own. You give me, the artist, full credit.
If you use it on you web page I ask that you give me credit and/or put a link to my site.
Please do not reprint my art for any printed article or such merchandise as t-shirts, hats, banners, stickers, etc.
Do not make your own prints and sell them, or putting my art on a CD and selling that, etc.
Also be sure to copy or save the image to your computer and host it with you own provider.
I've been having problems with exceeding my bandwidth, some of which is due to people accessing images on other sites to linking to mine.
Mostly character images and icons for message boards.
One last thing is that I ask you please do not use copyrighted characters as your own. Copyrighted characters are stated on the art and web images.

Thanks Natasha for your Permission !!

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