Permission (Genehmigungen) für das verwenden von Bildern der G.I.L.D Organisation ..

The license I purchased allows me and my groups usage of 24 images from each of these awesome artists listed below & all new artists that join in 2005.

Please support & respect the G.I.L.D. & all the awesome artists associated with them.

G.I.L.D. Guidelines

Licensor to the world's finest Illustrators
G.I.L.D. Licensing Program Terms of Use

1. No image may exceed 72 ppi (pixels per inch) definition.

2. No image may exceed 4" on its longest side (this refers to the copyrighted
artwork itself - borders, backgrounds and embellishments may exceed this limit)

3. Limited Licenses permit only non-commercial use of G.I.L.D. images. All other
International Illustrator Artists' images cannot be used under a G.I.L.D. limited license.

4. All images must have ©Artist's name with a link to the Artist's site whenever
possible. Do not place ©Your Name on the image. "Tubed, Tagged, Sig by" are permitted.

5. Main images may not be modified or cut apart. This includes changing colors on
the images. Borders, backgrounds, lettering, etc. may be changed to enhance the
main image. Further, you may not add animated embellishments to the main image
in the artist's work but you may animate backgrounds, borders, letting, etc.

6. You may not blend any artist's work with the work of another artist.

7. Please report all illegal use of Artist's/International Illustrator, llc images to

8. User must send a copy of creation (tag, poem, etc.) to as an attachment.

9. II, llc reserves the right to use all creations (tags, poems, etc.) for marketing
and other for-profit purposes in cooperation with the original Artist. All tag
makers must provide contact and "tagged by" information in order to receive credit for their tag creation(s) in any publication.

10. If creator belongs to or has his/her own group, International Illustrator, llc
must be provided with a membership. Contact

11. Creator/Group must create a page dedicated to to the Artist, providing
information about the Artist and displaying the International Illustrator Logo (top of page).

12. Any image other than those for which you have a limited G.I.L.D. license must not be used in any way, shape or form.

13. The artworks cannot be printed or used for any commercial endeavor whatsoever.

Thanks for the Permission !!

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